How to get Free Bandit Sign Stands

More Free Bandit Sign Stands than You Can Handle

How would you like to get all of the free bandit sign stands you can handle for an entire year? I mean seriously, enough to line a major highway for miles. Legally, even.

Well, every year right after the local elections, simply call the campaign headquarters for the local candidates and ask if you can take the signs up for free in order to keep the stands. You can go to their websites to find their phone number. You are doing them a favor, as they usually send volunteers to pick up and get rid of the signs.

Now, that’s a million dollar idea that by itself, and will more than pay for the price of my Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine Home study course. You might even walk away with more free bandit sign stands than you can use. If that is the case, you can always sell them to other investors.

How About Some Almost Free Sign Stands?

If you can’t or don’t want to get the free stands I spoke about above, here is a way to get your sign stands for about 25% of what you would pay your sign company. These stands are made from the long metal wire that is placed in block mortar walls to help stabilize them when building a wall. They come in 8‟-10‟ lengths.

The sign companies buy them and then cut them up in short lengths and sell them as sign stands. You can do this yourself and cut them up yourself. All you need is a way to haul them and a pair of bolt cutters. If you do not have a way to haul them you can partner with another investor who does, and split the cost.