Successful newspaper advertising tacticsLet’s talk about newspaper ads. There are a lot of different ads that you can run. This is one of the key ways that a lot of people get started. There are also a lot of other people out there running ads, so you want to be creative about where you run them. You may not only want to run them under “houses for sale”, you may also want to run them under “houses for rent”; or different places like that in the ROP Section, which is Run of the Paper.

There are certain things you need to know about running ads. In running ads, you want to use specific keywords. I give you samples of several different successful ads that we have used in the past in my Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine home study course. They’re simple, short and to the point. If you run a display ad, the best place to post your ad is on page three, on the bottom right. This is the first thing people see when they open the newspaper to the first page. Good idea, huh?

One sample ad that I have ran when looking for people in foreclosure is:

In foreclosure? Save your credit, not a loan. Call Larry 1-800-526-3054.

What you want to do is run that ad and whenever they give you a call, you can tell them how you can pay off their loan, save their credit and give them a little bit of time to move out.

Below is the best ad that I have ever used. I have always tried to think of a way where I can find vacant properties without having to find the vacant property owner up front. This ad tells it all:

Is there a house that is bringing down your neighborhood? Trashy, abandoned? I can help. Call Larry 1-800-526-3054.

Now is this great, or what? You actually have residents of all the neighborhoods that see the ad looking for run down houses to give you a call and help them improve their neighborhood. This is a great way to find vacant property without having to find the vacant property owner yourself. I challenge you to come up with a unique ad on your own and if you find one you like, let me know.

You can also run an ad very inexpensively in your entire state, or a region of your state, by contacting your state’s Press Association. They usually have three options for advertising: Statewide classifieds, Statewide 2×2 ads. (This is 2 columns wide by 2 inches high) and Press Release services (They will send a press release to every newspaper in your state). Depending on the state, you may be able to select a region to advertise instead of the entire state. To find your state’s Press Association, I’d suggest that you Google “your state” press association Ex: “North Carolina Press Association”.