An Auto responder is just what it sounds like. Its software that automatically responds to e-mail that is sent to you or sent out when someone goes into your database. It can be set up as a single email response or multiple responses delivered at various intervals. The neat thing is it’s all automatic once you set it up.

You can set up a response to an inquiry from your website or set up a response from someone who sends you an email while you are out of town. Everyone has received email from an auto responder. Have you ever purchased a product online and immediately you received a “thank you” email or an email with a link to download a product.

These are all examples of auto responders. I’ve included samples of the ones we send out for each in my Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine course to make it easy for you. What’s so special about autoresponders?

  • An autoresponder is the Cheapest Personal Assistant you will ever hire
  • Your Auto responder, combined with savvy marketing, is the speediest way to immediately boost business!
  • Email autoresponders are a time saving tool that sends your selling message out automatically at standard intervals.
  • An autoresponder is an immense time saver.
  • An autoresponder turns website visitors or prospects into buyers
  • Autoresponders make the difference between having a real estate business that works hard for you and you constantly having to work hard for your real estate business”

How do we use autoresponders in real estate investing? Think about this, how many investors do you think are following up with every realtor, investor, FSBO and retail buyer every week?

Let’s take a look at four ways….

  • REALTORS: Every time we talk to a realtor about a house, we ask if we can email them when looking for a property in a particular area or price range. We then set up a series of emails that go out to the realtor every week for six weeks. The first one is a “thank you and enjoyed talking to you” email. It also reminds them to keep looking for properties for me. The second one reminds them who I am, reiterates that I’m still looking for houses and asks them for a rehab contractor referral. The third one reminds them again that I’m looking for more houses and then it asks for an appraiser referral so on.
  • FSBO’S: When we get calls from FSBO’s, we always ask them for their email address so we may keep in contact. You can now set up a series of emails to send them every week to see how they’re proceeding with selling their house and let them know you’re ready, willing and able, to save the day when they’re ready.
  • RETAIL BUYERS: We use autoresponders to keep in touch with tenant/buyers who might have called on a house we’ve already sold or maybe they’re qualified for financing but we’re still looking for a house for them. This is a great way to keep in touch with them so they don’t go shopping with someone else. In our twelve months of autoresponders you’ll continue marketing to them until they buy.
  • INVESTORS: Every time you speak to an investor, you should add them to your database and subscribe them to an “investor” autoresponder. I’ve provided a series of auto responders to go out every week for three weeks, then every month after that. All of the auto responders I’ve provided follow the same pattern. After you get your auto responders set up, I hope you will use your newfound time wisely. Don’t forget to spend some of it with your family!