Million Dollar Business CardsIf you’re in business, you need unique business cards. Just your picture will make people hang onto your card longer than a generic card. I recently saw a card where an investor copied part of a $20 on the back so when it was upside down it looked like it was a folded up $20.

We use million dollar bill business cards. Some people have magnetic business cards, some fluorescent colors, but the point is to give them to everybody. Give them to waitresses, gas station attendants and their customers, everywhere you go. If you have magnetic business cards put them on vending machines, gas pumps, anything metal where there are lots of people. This is a great way to get them out in the public.

The million dollar bills are also good door openers. I once had a rental house and it was on a dead-end street with no traffic. I went to the corner house and knocked on the door. I told the lady I had a house down the street that I was looking to rent and I had nowhere to put a sign and if she would allow me to put one of my signs in her yard, I’d give her a million dollars. So I handed it to her, she looked at it, we had a good laugh and I put the sign in her yard.

Think about how you can take this one idea, use it and take it to the next level. How about when you meet a realtor and tell them that if they send you a good deal you’ll give them a million dollars? How about going to a restaurant and telling the waitress that you’re an investor and if they bring you a deal you’ll give them a million dollars? There’s really no limit to what you can do with this one idea to generate business, open doors and build instant rapport. How is that for a million dollar idea?

Magnetic Business Cards

How about getting some magnetic business cards? You can put them into a direct mail envelope when you are mailing and the recipient will put them on their refrigerator. You can also give them out and put them anywhere you would normally put a business card or flyer.

Here is another unique idea to do with them. Since you will already have a sign on your vehicle saying that you buy houses how about putting about 10 of these magnetic cards on your vehicle so as someone sees your sign in a parking lot they can just come up to the vehicle and grab your card right then and there. This is an awesome idea and it works!

The BIG Business Card!

Here is an idea that I got from a friend who went into a realtor’s office with one of his bandit signs (because he was out of business cards) that says “I buy houses”. I just took the idea to the next level by actually having signs made that look like a business card. They’re 8×10 so they’ll fit into an envelope with a cover letter. You will find a sample of the sign in my Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine home study course. It says “I buy houses” and it has my name and phone number listed. Every time you visit a Building Inspector, a Realtor, another Investor, a Property Management Company ask them to hang it on the wall. That way they’ll remember you and they’ll call you before they call anybody else. Plus, all of the other agents and employees in their office will see your hanging business card and you’ll get even more exposure!