One thing you should use to promote your business is flyers. One of the key things about flyers is you don’t want to waste any part of it. If you’re buying houses, put that on one side and if you are also renting or selling houses, you want to put that on the other side. Don’t waste any of the flyer.

Where can you put flyers? Place them at laundry mats, convenience stores, anywhere you go. You can also use sources like Val-Pak, Advo and grocery store inserts or contact newspapers and ask about inserting a flyer there. You can also look in your local Sunday paper at all of the sale papers and along the edge is the contact information for who publishes the advertisements. Simply contact them and see how much it’ll cost to get your flyer into their insert with all of the other national advertisers. You can target certain areas and regions. Be creative! Use anything to make your flyer unique. Use pictures and be different.

You can also create a flyer on card stock (7pt High Bulk) and place a form where someone can fill it out and drop back in the mail where it will automatically be sent to you with a business reply mail permit. You can contact your local GMF (General Mail Facility) and meet with them to get a business reply permit. Now when you hand out or mail your flyer, the person can simply fill out your form for more information and drop it in their mailbox and it will be sent to you automatically. You simply deposit some money with the GMF and then they’ll let you know as your balance gets near zero. Remember, when advertising, you have to be consistent. Don’t think you are going to get all of the leads you need after one ad in the paper.

Another way you can market your business is through postcards. There are a lot of different types of postcards. I have included several samples of the ones we use here in my Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine home study course. You can mail them out to properties that are under code enforcement, in foreclosure, heir property, out of town owners or Section 8 landlords, to name a few. That is public information which you can get at your local Section 8 Office. Get a mailing list of Section 8 property owners; sometimes those are “don’t wanter” landlords. Get a list of the out of town owners from the tax assessor’s office. You can get a list of foreclosures from a listing service.

On postcards, be sure to use bright colors. Sometimes you can use oversized postcards. Postcards are cheaper to mail than a letter and they’re already open. You don’t have to worry about whether they have opened your mail. You can print your own. If you have a copier, get 8-1/2 by 11 cardstock, print and get a paper cutter. That is a lot cheaper than paying somebody, unless you want to use full color, which also pulls very well; so you might want to try that as well. You could also pay someone else to do the dirty work creating the postcards so you can do more productive things.

You can also market multiple items, properties and services on one postcard by using a voice mail service. You can list several items the person may be interested in and give an extension for each item so when they call they simply enter the extension and receive a pre-recorded message about that subject.