Advertising: Save now!

If you’re looking to save money, there are a lot of ways to do so.  Some require a large amount of effort for only a small amount of savings.  But what you’ll learn today will save you, on average, $500 every year. Every day you probably see signs advertising someone running for a political office.  This could be local, regional, statewide, or even presidential election signs!  Here in the Carolinas, we just got finished with Read More

Free Bandit Sign Stands and How You Can Get Them

More Free Bandit Sign Stands than You Can Handle How would you like to get all of the free bandit sign stands you can handle for an entire year? I mean seriously, enough to line a major highway for miles. Legally, even. Well, every year right after the local elections, simply call the campaign headquarters for the local candidates and ask if you can take the signs up for free in order to keep the Read More

A New Twist on Using Bandit Signs for Real Estate

There are many places where you can put out bandit signs for real estate. Not only can you put them out on stands near the road, on the highway or in front of your property, but I have businesses that allow me to put them in their window and I either pay them rent, a property commission, or per lead. Partnerships Aren’t Only with Other Investors Always keep some signs in your car and stop Read More

How to get Free Real Estate Leads from Code Enforcement

Let’s talk about some more successful marketing strategies. Marketing is, as I mentioned in another article, basically anything that makes the phones ring. Here is a quick tip. If you have voicemail where callers responding to your marketing can leave a message, be sure to ask them to also leave their email address and to speak clearly. This way you can go ahead and put them in your database even if you can never get Read More