Are you in over your head?

This student stumped me… Recently, I finished speaking to a room of Real Estate Investors. Normally, I have a few investors that come up to me asking for additional questions and I share with them answers and tips on how to build their Real Estate business with the strategies that I teach. But this time was completely different… I didn’t know how to respond at first because of her tone of voice, I was taken Read More

How to Sell Your House Quickly

So, here you are with your Filthy Riches Program. You’ve looked for potential properties. You bought your ideal first $30,000 property for $5,000. You’ve marketed the property. Now it’s time to complete the sale… and watch your income start to build. But, how do you really work to sell your house quickly? Look at it from someone else’s shoes, this is an amazing deal for a lot of people. With the way rent has been Read More

The Ins and Outs of Servicing Your Note

The End Goal is to Keep the Note! The ultimate point to the Filthy Riches approach is to sell your property and hold tight by servicing your note. What do I mean by this? Let’s backtrack a bit. In the Filthy Riches approach, a $30,000 property is bought for $5,000 and then resold for a $1,000 down and the seller (you) holds the remainder of the note through the duration of the loan. This means Read More

Three Proven Tactics for Raising Finances to Buy Property

So, you’ve looked over the Filthy Riches concept and you’re ready to get going on your first property purchase. I know what you’re thinking: if I had the money at my disposal, I wouldn’t want to be looking into making money! The thing is, though, raising the funding for your first property deal is not only easy, it’s one of the easiest parts of the whole Filthy Riches program. Don’t forget, we’re not talking about Read More

3 Tips to Know When it’s time to Sell Your Note

The ultimate objective for a Filthy Riches student is to hold onto your note after buying and then reselling a piece of property. After all, the real money starts to come in on the second year of the note, and you keep making money throughout its duration without any additional investment on that property. Consider this. You find a $30,000 dog with fleas home that just won’t move in this real estate market. Believe it Read More

The Strategy Behind Filthy Riches

Everybody has driven by a house that has been on the market for what may seem like years. You know the house: there might be a broken window here or there, the grass hasn’t seen a lawnmower for the last few summers, and the property overall has the look of negligence. It might seem ironic, but this is the dog with fleas property that Filthy Riches has based its success upon. We all know in Read More

Setting Realistic Goals Can Increase Your Profits

The Filthy Riches Program was designed with the specific goal of walking you through the steps of earning money on inexpensive properties. But, even when you follow it step by step, you need to be mindful of setting realistic goals. Setting Realistic Goals for Your Business [blockquote align=”left” author=”Tony Robbins”]Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.[/blockquote] Setting realistic goals is just as much a stepping stone to your success Read More

Get Down and Dirty with Filthy Riches Homes

Larry Goins spent years perfecting his Filthy Riches approach to real estate. But where are the properties that Larry targets to generate so much personal income? The houses in this program are low-income, distressed, “dog with fleas” homes. They are ugly, unwanted and need more TLC than you can imagine. Most people would assume their next owner came equipped with a wrecking ball. You might be right, depending on some peoples’ points of view, but Read More