Winning Contracts and Clauses

When making an offer on a property there are many contracts to use. I use the realtor form for the particular state I’m buying in, but you’ll want to take the realtor logo off the document because there’s no realtor involved. There are two reasons you’ll want to use the same form as the realtors. The first one is in the event you ever have a seller say they want their attorney to review the Read More

Infinite Yield Investing in Real Estate

When you are analyzing a property, I want you to keep in mind that you do not invest your money in Real Estate. Sure, you may write a check initially or you may put a down payment down for a loan; but you are eventually either going to sell that property, re-finance it or get your cash back. So remember, you are not going to invest your own cash long term in real estate. You Read More

How to Get Out of Debt Fast With Tenants

When buying a property, in my market, I need to be in it at no more than 70% including purchase, rehab and closing costs. Fix it up, re-finance it at 75% to 85% loan to value, and pull out the cash, which by the way is Tax Free cash, as you don’t pay tax on borrowed money. Then you can rent the property out at a positive cash flow and have Tax Free cash in Read More

Do you know the secrets?

10 Secrets Every Real Estate Investor Should Know Success in any business is the direct result of your experience and the knowledge you have.  Regardless of the industry, there are key elements (or secrets, if you are partial to buzz words) that will insure success.  Of course, you have to know how to utilize the information; otherwise you’re on the fast track for failure.  This is especially true for a real estate investor. To get Read More

Sold!! How to win the negotiation.

Negotiating Win, Win Transactions in Real Estate Investing Negotiating is a very important part of becoming a successful investor. You can’t negotiate with properties. You have to negotiate with people. Remember that people do business with people they like and trust so it is important to always be respectful to people and treat people the way you want to be treated. When you become a real estate investor you’ll come into contact with all kinds Read More

Foreclosure Is Not A Dirty Word

Benefiting from Foreclosures Foreclosures are an ugly truth in today’s economy. Even when the economy is on an upswing, people still hit hard times for a variety of reasons and sometimes a foreclosure just cannot be avoided. While these often mean dire circumstanced for the homeowner, the dark clouds have a silver lining for real estate investors. The fact that there are so many foreclosures is a clear indicator that the market is going to Read More

How to Maximize My Earnings in Real Estate

There are abundant resources out in the market which explain nearly all kinds of techniques about real estate investing. But the vital question asked by many is how to make maximum earnings through real estate investing. Investors often want to know how to purchase and sell real estate. People are curious to know how they can find a deal which yields maximum tax benefits and limits liability. In order to answer these queries, we are Read More

real estate team

Do I need a team?

Real Estate Investment Squad Whenever you hear about real estate investments, there is often a note about the achievements of the people behind the success. These people are those who make a real estate investment what it is and so they are often called the real estate investment squad. A real estate agent, a mortgage broker and a real estate lawyer are the three people who make up this squad. With a wide range of Read More

Rentals 101: How to Cut Your Maintenance Costs by 25%

By now, it’s pretty well known that current market conditions have made investing in long-term rentals more appealing than ever. If you buy a few rentals and then self-manage them, you’ll have several duties (other than cashing checks). One of the biggest is trying to keep your maintenance costs as low as possible. The best way to keep maintenance costs low, often over 25% lower, is to visit your properties on a regular basis to Read More