Larry with one of his real estate students

Foreclosure Training

There are good numbers of foreclosure specialists. They are real estate agents with expertise in facilitating the foreclosure process. They often assist lien holders in the liquidation of property either auction or direct sale and collecting a commission in the process. There are several classes that offer foreclosure specialist certification and typically provide training on how to conduct foreclosure deals with major lien holders. Each bank and lender has a different procedure for foreclosing on Read More

Finding Real Estate Bargains

Ideally, for a start-up real estate investor, probably the best way to open up such career is to find yourself a decent, small, long standing apartment but strategically located, at a very low price and only requires a meager amount of cash down payment. To find this type of bargains, there are several ways of doing it. But everyone should bear in mind that until now, there is no perfect formula that could work all Read More

Organizing Your Real Estate Files

Everyone has different levels of comfort in organizing their lives and each person has special tricks they use to keep themselves organized.  I get to experience all the unique ways people  “organize” their real estate files when they give me the opportunity to do their loans.  Most mortgage brokers are thrilled at the thought of doing loans for people who own a number of properties and I am one of those mortgage brokers.  I also Read More