What Do I Really Want From Real Estate?

This real estate investing thing can get pretty mind-boggling. Where do I start or if I have already started, where do I go from here. Do I go for a lease option, subject to, rehab, wholesale, long term rental, retail, etc? Then how do I fund the thing? Do I look for seller financing, hard money, private money, bank line of credit, relatives or partners (that’s a scary one), or just pay cash. Then you Read More

Quality Versus Quantity in Real Estate Investing

I know a lot of people need to flip properties, whether it is wholesale or retail, to generate cash to pay off some bills and to have money to enjoy life, but as you get your cash flow needs taken care of and start to build your portfolio, I want you to remember that it is not the number of houses that is important; it is the amount of income from each property.  You want Read More