Top 5 Mistakes Newbie Real Estate Investors Make

Every investor was at one time a newbie real estate investor, someone who is just stepping out into the world of real estate. Mistakes are made by each of them, some of them detrimental, some of them not so detrimental, and all of them lessons to learn in order to be successful in this rewarding career. Here are the top 5 mistakes that newbie real estate investors make: 1. Under-estimating the Market Most newbie real Read More

10 Questions To Ask A Remodeling Contractor

1. Are you licensed? Most states require contractors, even sub-contractors to be licensed. Make sure your contractor is properly licensed. Anyone can say they are licensed. Make the contractor prove it by either showing you the license or giving you a copy of it.  Remember to check the expiration date.  Being licensed is the law.  If a contractor cannot produce a valid license, DO NOT HIRE HIM! You can check the contractor’s current licensing status Read More