Spotlight on Michaela Bartakova, New York

Filthy Riches Student

Michaela Bartakova

If you are on the fence to purchase Larry Goin’s Filthy Riches Course, he is the real deal.

I have taken many real estate courses over the years, but never really closed a deal. I either didn’t have the money, the courage, or felt i didn’t have the full information to do so. I have purchased my first property after listening to Larry on a webinar, describing his Filthy Riches system.

I purchased the course, followed it step by step and few months later sold the property with owner financing. I will make over $45,000 in profit over the course of 15 years. That is a nice return on $9,800 investment I bought the property for.

I have bought it with my self-directed IRA, so the money is being deposited directly into my IRA account without me having to do anything. Did I mention I haven’t seen the property I bought, and I sold it long distance, exactly how Larry taught me? I live in NYC and the property is close to Pittsburgh. I felt totally confident following Larry’s material, plus I knew I can count on his support for a full year, free of charge…I love the information Larry puts out, and the fact that he is a person of high integrity, who is out there doing real deals, and genuinely caring for his students. It felt also good to sell the house for less monthly payment than is the going rent in the area, so it was win, win for everyone, the buyer was very happy. I have been little busy lately, but am looking forward to do more deals. Thank you Larry for taking the jitters out of my investing!

Michaela Bartakova,

New York