Spotlight on Jim Hill, Winston-Salem, NC

Filthy Riches Student

Jim Hill


Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!

This is TWICE you have inspired me to get my “mojo” back! You may recall several years ago, I met you at our local REIA meeting, heard your Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine presentation, left the meeting, then came back and bought the course from you in the parking lot after turning around 5 miles down the road. That course got me back into making money again with single family houses.

This time, you did it with the Filthy Riches program. You and I were on similar wave lengths with this one. I knew when I attended your webinar (replay) that you had perfected the system I was toying with. I knew I had nothing to lose so I bought the course without hesitation.

In less than 30 days after buying your course, I was able to find a junker that nobody else wanted, reach an agreement with the seller, and close. You will love the purchase price: $1000. I learned of the deal in my REIA group. None of the rehabbers wanted it since it required so much work. (I didn’t want it either, but I knew somebody else would!)

It took me 3 weeks but I found my buyer and sold the property on a land contract as is, without doing any work on it, for $20,000 at 18% interest. The buyer was thrilled to be getting such a good deal. Needless to say, I was a little thrilled myself! My total investment in this house will be recouped every 3 ½ months!!

Thanks a million! (Literally!)

Jim Hill
Winston-Salem, NC