Spotlight on Don & Kathy Womble

Inner Circle Member


Kathy and I were so blessed by the 3 days of instruction and mentoring from your team and you.

Larry, you are the real deal! You and your organization represent the Savior that you love and serve in a wonderful fashion.

We are excited to go home and put into practice the practical instruction we received.

Thank you for doing what was promised and giving above what expected.

Please let Pam know that we appreciate her very much also. Being a pastor and a leader of others, I know how important the wife is to all that we do. Pam and you work as an awesome team.

I know you probably hear things like this all the time, but I wanted to tell you this myself.

You have given us the tools to move forward to begin a successful journey with real estate investing.

I will stay in touch, God bless you sir.

Don and Kathy Womble
(The Texas Pastor)