Betty Chaplin

Spotlight on Betty Chaplin

Inner Circle Member

I have been investing in real estate part-time for nine years with a strong passion and love for it. It enables me to assist others in obtaining houses they can afford to purchase and rehab as a single family home or as an investment property. Since September of 2011, I’ve been an affiliate of the Larry Goins Group. In November of the same year, I became a member of the Inner Circle to enhance my real estate skills and to gain knowledge of the market trend to take my business to another level. I purchased the Filthy Riches Program prior to becoming a member of the Inner Circle and as a result, I closed my first property under the Filthy Riches Program on January 61h, 2012. I purchased the property for $11,000 and flipped it for $15,000 and closed with an investor January 20th, 2012. I also flipped another property using this very same program and had a buyer in place before the actual closing! It was purchased for $30,000 and flipped for $37,000 with the buyer in place before closing.

In conjunction with the Filthy Riches Program, I have the Ultimate Buying and Selling System that I am actively using. These two systems are allowing me to actively and effectively make offers and build my buyers list. LARRY GOINS’ SYSTEMS REALLY WORK!

Betty Chaplin