Spotlight on Dru Kuhlman of Henderson, NV

Filthy Riches Student

As you know, I bought a double wide mobile home in a park for $2200 and sold it for $11,900 . I received a $350 cash down payment and am carrying $350 monthly for 33 months (cash payments only).

I learned this strategy in Larry’s Filthy Riches course and applied it to my mobile home investing. Larry’s Filthy Riches program showed me how me to secure real estate (or in my case, personal property) with very little cash and in turn sell that property (as-is) for a huge return, while carrying the note for residual monthly income.

It’s a strategy I will continue to implement for the rest of my investing career because it’s simple and fast, plus in this current real estate market, affordable housing is desperately needed.

Dru Kuhlman
Managing Member
MASQ Marketing, LLC
Henderson NV