Making Offers – Communicate Your Message

[blockquote align=”center” author=”Larry Goins”]Do it right, sleep at night.[/blockquote] Nathan Amaral talks about how to build bridges in real estate, how to build your network efficiently and effectively. It all starts with attitude and a commitment to doing things right. Don’t be afraid to be honest and open. [blockquote align=”center” author=”Nathan Amaral”]No one wants to hang around a drain.[/blockquote] Your content bonus for this segment is What’s Included in an Offer. What’s in an Offer Read More

Making Offers – Before You Make an Offer

[blockquote align=”center” author=”Bill Fairman”]It’s very important to get your ducks in a row from the beginning.[/blockquote] So you know how to make an offer, but what do you need to have ready before you can make it? Are you ready to close on the deal or do you still need to line up funding or a joint venture? Bill Fairman joins Larry to talk about what you need to have in place to close a Read More

Making Offers – Traditional Offers

[blockquote align=”center” author=”Larry Goins”]If your first offer gets accepted, guess what? It was too high.[/blockquote] If you make no offers, there is no chance you will be successful in real estate. You cannot buy houses without making offers.  And seeing that many times the offer is the first point of contact, it is vital that your offers are packaged properly. Randolph joins Invest in Yourself to talk about how to make your offer.  Why the Read More

Invest in Yourself – Making Offers

This episode of Invest in Yourself is all about Making Offers on Real Estate. What’s included in an offer? How do you make an offer? How do you approach a realtor with investor offers? Why is the cover letter is so important? Randolph joins Larry to talk about dealing with agents and how to approach them.  Bill Fairman joins the show to talk about what you need lined up before you make the offer (especially Read More

Event Mindset

Nathan Amaral joins Larry to talk about event mindset. What do you need to know to get the most out of attending a live event? Networking just may be the most valuable portion of any event. The value from the relationships started in many cases eclipses the cost of attending the event to begin with. So how do you prepare for your next event? How do you make sure you create business connections that will Read More

Nothing But HUD – Agents and Virtual Assistants

Randolph Cunningham joins Larry on this segment from Invest in Yourself. They talk about how to use realtors and virtual assistants in your investment business, as well as about their upcoming event Nothing But HUD, where they will release their entire HUD model over two days of training. Find out more about Nothing But HUD. Your Content Bonus – The HUD Contract Pack Your Content Bonus >>

Tracking Your HUD Investments

Nothing But HUD – Tracking Your Investments

Paul Olson joins Larry Goins to talk about how to market your HUD properties. He talks about the systems he has set up for HUD, working with virtual assistants and tracking the entire process. Find out more about increasing efficiency and tracking your properties by watching this quick hit segment from Invest in Yourself. Find out more about Nothing But HUD. Content Bonus – The HUD Contract Pack Your Content Bonus >>

Invest in Yourself – Nothing But HUD

This episode of Invest in Yourself was Nothing But HUD. HUD is one of the best sources for an investor to buy properties that they can sell for a profit. Larry is joined by Paul, Wendy, Randolph and Nathan Amaral to talk all about HUD, and their event Nothing But HUD. Larry is the largest HUD buyer in the Carolinas and he is unveiling the model he uses to buy and sell HUD homes in Read More

Putting on the Blinders

Nathan Amaral joins Larry to talk about . Nathan is a personal development speaker and trainer. They talk about focus and clarity, and how you need to hunker down and focus on one strategy. Here are a few tips to keep your mind fresh and focused. Each week take one day completely off. Plan a family fun day.  Invest time with your family. Ask more out of your life. Be consistent. Find one thing that Read More