This episode of Invest in Yourself is all about Making Offers on Real Estate.

  • What’s included in an offer?
  • How do you make an offer?
  • How do you approach a realtor with investor offers?
  • Why is the cover letter is so important?

Randolph joins Larry to talk about dealing with agents and how to approach them.  Bill Fairman joins the show to talk about what you need lined up before you make the offer (especially if you need financing for the deal).  Nathan talks with Larry about how to communicate your offers effectively to build your real estate network.  And Paul joined the show to do a demo of Bid Blaster, Larry’s newest tool that takes care of the three most important things in real estate.

So what are you waiting for?  Find out all about making real estate offers by watching this episode of Invest in Yourself.

Your Content Bonus, the Offer Pack, includes a pre-approval checklist, the definitive list of What’s in an Offer, a listing agent questionnaire, as well as the Fannie Mae Addendum and instructions.

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