Challenges Facing Investors – Education

Larry and Randolph talk about education and why you need it. They chat about a lot of the ongoing education they get, as well as some ways you can Invest in Yourself. It is said it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in something. And getting there takes time. One way to shorten the process is to find someone you know, like and trust and learn everything you can with them. Get Your Content Read More

Challenges Facing Investors

The World Premiere of Invest in Yourself – Challenges Facing Investors Randolph Cunningham and Larry Goins talk about the challenges facing real estate investors, and ways to overcome them. Topics discussed include ways to close on properties using other people’s money, ways to educate yourself about real estate and business, tactics and strategy, building and maintaining your dream team, overcoming fear and time management. Paul Olson also joined the show to speak about software and Read More