Making Offers – Before You Make an Offer

[blockquote align=”center” author=”Bill Fairman”]It’s very important to get your ducks in a row from the beginning.[/blockquote] So you know how to make an offer, but what do you need to have ready before you can make it? Are you ready to close on the deal or do you still need to line up funding or a joint venture? Bill Fairman joins Larry to talk about what you need to have in place to close a Read More

Making Offers – Traditional Offers

[blockquote align=”center” author=”Larry Goins”]If your first offer gets accepted, guess what? It was too high.[/blockquote] If you make no offers, there is no chance you will be successful in real estate. You cannot buy houses without making offers.  And seeing that many times the offer is the first point of contact, it is vital that your offers are packaged properly. Randolph joins Invest in Yourself to talk about how to make your offer.  Why the Read More

Three Biggest Obstacles Part 3 – Fear

Why are most new real estate investors afraid to make offers?  Because they are scared of what will happen in the seller says “yes”. But, you can’t earn money in real estate without making offers, you just can’t.  Deals don’t just fall out of the sky, though it would be cooler if they did. In part 3 of The Biggest Obstacles Investors Face, Larry and Randolph Cunningham talk about overcoming fear on your way to Read More

The 3 most Important Things In Real Estate…It's Not What You Think!

Has everyone heard about the three most important things in real estate investing? I think we all have. The first thing you hear when starting out is “location, location, location”! This is good to know especially if you are buying for long-term appreciation or you are looking for higher end or nice properties that you can lease option to tenant buyers or retail for cash. I want to share with you what I feel are Read More