Event Mindset

Nathan Amaral joins Larry to talk about event mindset. What do you need to know to get the most out of attending a live event? Networking just may be the most valuable portion of any event. The value from the relationships started in many cases eclipses the cost of attending the event to begin with. So how do you prepare for your next event? How do you make sure you create business connections that will Read More

Nothing But HUD – Agents and Virtual Assistants

Randolph Cunningham joins Larry on this segment from Invest in Yourself. They talk about how to use realtors and virtual assistants in your investment business, as well as about their upcoming event Nothing But HUD, where they will release their entire HUD model over two days of training. Find out more about Nothing But HUD. Your Content Bonus – The HUD Contract Pack Your Content Bonus >>

Tracking Your HUD Investments

Nothing But HUD – Tracking Your Investments

Paul Olson joins Larry Goins to talk about how to market your HUD properties. He talks about the systems he has set up for HUD, working with virtual assistants and tracking the entire process. Find out more about increasing efficiency and tracking your properties by watching this quick hit segment from Invest in Yourself. Find out more about Nothing But HUD. Content Bonus – The HUD Contract Pack Your Content Bonus >>

Invest in Yourself – Nothing But HUD

This episode of Invest in Yourself was Nothing But HUD. HUD is one of the best sources for an investor to buy properties that they can sell for a profit. Larry is joined by Paul, Wendy, Randolph and Nathan Amaral to talk all about HUD, and their event Nothing But HUD. Larry is the largest HUD buyer in the Carolinas and he is unveiling the model he uses to buy and sell HUD homes in Read More

Larry Signing HUD Homes Half Off Books

Thanks for everyone who got a copy of HUD Homes Half Off last week.  As fast as Larry can sign them they are going out the door.  He’s already blown through a whole tin of Sharpies! And, if, by chance you did not jump on the Free HUD Book bandwagon last week, be sure to hurry now before they are all gone. Your FREE Copy of HUD Homes Half Off

HUD Homes Financing Video 3

In part 3 of the series on financing your HUD homes we are going to talk about hard money and transactional funding, and what you need to do to your hands on some to finance your next deal.  It varies by the lender, a lot, and I’ll go a little more in depth in the video.     See the rest of the series: HUD Homes Financing Video 1 HUD Homes Financing Video 2

HUD Homes Financing Video 2

In part 2 of our HUD Homes financing series, and we will talk more about financing options when you purchase a home from HUD. There’s a lot of ways to do it, and the more you know going in will help open up new avenues for you in your real estate investing. See the Rest of the Series HUD Homes Financing Part 1 HUD Homes Financing Part 3

HUD Homes Financing Video 1

Welcome to the first video in our HUD Homes Financing series. What are the different ways you can finance a property purchase from HUD? Can you get a loan for the rehab of a property? What is the quickest and easiest way to close a deal with HUD? Find out by watching the video below. I hope you enjoy! See the other videos in this series: HUD Homes Financing Video 2 HUD Homes Financing Video Read More

Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe with Jo Garner

Please enjoy the audio of Larry on “Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe” with Jo Garner. Jo hosts a radio show out of Memphis, TN. Today she talked with Larry about having a mission statement, the different real estate investment markets, and how you help other people by helping yourself. It’s a full hour of Larry, uncut, as he lays it out honestly for every investor. Not enough of Larry? Get access to his private vault of Read More