Maximize Cash Flow Through Smart Lending

As a mortgage loan consultant, I have learned to capture my investors’ attention by announcing that I used to be able to get them a 100% loan for a non-owner occupied property. When that was true, I tried to explain to them that 100% financing may not be the best financial structure for cash flow. The thought of getting into a property with no money down is very enticing and there are many ways to Read More

Turn failure into success

Common Reasons for Failing as a Real Estate Investor In fact, if you take a good look you will be surprised to find that many of the reasons for failing as a real estate investor are quite simple. In their quest to achieve their targets, many investors forget what they are doing and end up wasting their time as well as money. Here we are going to discuss those reasons and see how we can Read More

8 Real Estate Success Tips from Larry Goins

8 Real Estate Success Tips

As you prepare to invest in real estate, I encourage you to follow these 8 real estate success tips. They have helped me greatly as I have navigated my way through the world of real estate, and life in general. It’s my wish these tips will have as positive impact on your life as they’ve had on mine. Real Estate Success Tips You Can’t Live Without Create a Game Plan – Decide what you want Read More