Building Passive Income – Hard Money and Private Money

Wendy Sweet joins Larry Goins to talk about hard money, private money and how you can use them to build passive income with your real estate investments. Wendy explains what you need to look for in a property and in a borrower. Or better yet, how you can invest with a private money lender to earn passive income on other’s real estate deals, all while protecting your investment. Find out more by watching this video Read More

What real estate investors can learn from Diana Nyad who just swam from Cuba to Key West

In case you haven’t heard, Diana Nyad just became the first person to swim from Cuba to Key West without a shark cage. So what can we as real estate investors learn from this? What can we take from someone who may have never even thought about investing in real estate? I think it is important to think about some of the things she said right after she completed her journey. I think if we do Read More

How to Get All the Private Money You’ll Ever Need

There is a lot of information and even courses, seminars and boot camps out there on private money and I’m sure it’s because private money is one of the few sources where you can generate funds for your deals without having any previous credit, cash, income, job, debt ratio or anything like that. Private funds are very similar to hard money or rehab loans. The only difference is, instead of going through an institution or Read More