Challenges Facing Investors – Money

Is money a new investor’s biggest challenge, or biggest fear?  Everywhere you go you hear that you don’t need a lot of cash or credit to invest in real estate.  But, how do you actually do it? Larry and Randolph Cunningham go into detail on some of the methods investors can use to do real estate deals with little of their own cash.  Find out more about assignments, options, transactional funding and more in the Read More

HUD Homes Financing Video 3

In part 3 of the series on financing your HUD homes we are going to talk about hard money and transactional funding, and what you need to do to your hands on some to finance your next deal.  It varies by the lender, a lot, and I’ll go a little more in depth in the video.     See the rest of the series: HUD Homes Financing Video 1 HUD Homes Financing Video 2