Maximize Cash Flow Through Smart Lending

As a mortgage loan consultant, I have learned to capture my investors’ attention by announcing that I used to be able to get them a 100% loan for a non-owner occupied property. When that was true, I tried to explain to them that 100% financing may not be the best financial structure for cash flow. The thought of getting into a property with no money down is very enticing and there are many ways to Read More

Different Ways to Close a Deal

There are many ways to close a deal. You probably won’t use all of these but it’s good to know the ways so you don’t miss a deal when it comes along. Assignment of Contract: The first and easiest way is an assignment. You won’t be able to do an assignment on every deal. Some sellers, especially banks or lenders and most realtors, won’t allow you to put an assignment clause in the contract. An Read More