How to Find the Best Motivated Seller Ads

Newspaper Classified Ads In the bookmarks of my Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine home study course, there is a section called “newspapers” where you can go to the sources I have provided for you and find any local newspaper in the United States that has a web presence. That way you don’t have to buy the newspapers. With these bookmarks you can find any local newspaper and you’ll be able to save them right to Read More

Different Ways to Close a Deal

There are many ways to close a deal. You probably won’t use all of these but it’s good to know the ways so you don’t miss a deal when it comes along. Assignment of Contract: The first and easiest way is an assignment. You won’t be able to do an assignment on every deal. Some sellers, especially banks or lenders and most realtors, won’t allow you to put an assignment clause in the contract. An Read More

Simplified Property Analysis

Before you start making offers, learn how to analyze a deal. Many Investors have multi-page spreadsheets that list the return on investment 15 years down the road. It lists every conceivable expense that could ever incur. If you need a calculator, it’s probably not a deal. If you are running these numbers to tell if it’s a deal, it’s not a deal. If somebody says, “I have a house and the after repaired value is Read More

Secrets to Negotiating Short Sales

Although I often say that a short sale is a long buy there’s a lot of money to be made in doing short sales. If you focus on them, I’m sure you’ll become successful, but you’ll eventually get a seller that owes more than the property is worth and is behind in payments. In this situation, lenders are sometimes willing to accept less than the amount owed. Your first step is to obtain written authorization Read More

The 3 most Important Things In Real Estate…It's Not What You Think!

Has everyone heard about the three most important things in real estate investing? I think we all have. The first thing you hear when starting out is “location, location, location”! This is good to know especially if you are buying for long-term appreciation or you are looking for higher end or nice properties that you can lease option to tenant buyers or retail for cash. I want to share with you what I feel are Read More

Ignore Your Emotion; Use Your Brain

You are a new investor or maybe a seasoned one who just happens to really like this house.  It is in a great neighborhood.  The comps show that 2 years ago, this house sold for well above the tax value.  Maybe the area is in the part of town that is historical and turning around like crazy.  Sure, it needs a lot of work, but you will lose this deal if you don’t take it Read More

Obsolete Properties

Are you looking at prospective properties through rose-colored glasses? Functionally obsolete sounds like some sort of neurological problem. It can turn out to be a very dysfunctional financial problem. Properties can be dysfunctional if the layout of the house is odd, maybe you must walk through a bedroom to get to the bathroom. The house may have two front doors, 2 kitchens, or perhaps you must walk through a bedroom to get to the next Read More

All About Title Searches

Conducting a title search prior to transfer of real estate property involves searching for every available record or document that relates to present and prior ownership of the property in question with the goal of clearly defining the current status of the property title. In layman’s terms, we want to be sure that the property being sold truly and completely belongs to the seller and that he or she has the legal right to transfer Read More

Investing In North Carolina

North Carolina real estate can offer investors a great deal of possibilities, whether you are a young person beginning a career in real estate investment or have been in the real estate investment business for quite some time. The state of North Carolina has so much to offer in terms of history, culture, beautiful vistas, seashores and low priced real estate that you are in an excellent place to earn money from either wholesaling, flipping, Read More