Let’s take a look at the different types of leads you can you find at the Court House.

Number 1: Divorce. You look for same last names of male and female in the Book of Civil Lawsuit in the Circuit Court. Now chances are, if they are going through a divorce, if they have real property, they are going to sell it. What you may want to do is either call or send out a postcard or letter and put them in your database.

Number 2: Foreclosures. You can find newly filed Foreclosures at the Court House. They post them on a Bulletin Board for Newly Filed Foreclosures. One thing to keep in mind about the Foreclosures is usually the older the mortgage, the more equity that they will have. You also have to be careful because sometimes you will see a very low mortgage balance and a lot of times that tells me that it is a second mortgage, but that’s still a source. You can contact them directly or contact the Trustee but they aren’t going to give you much information without a Borrower’s Authorization, which I have included in my Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine! home study course.

Number 3: Delinquent Property Taxes. What you want to do is contact the Tax Office for a list of properties with delinquent taxes owed. Some of them even publish them in the Newspapers. They publish a list one time a year of the property taxes that have not been paid. There is actually a guy in our area that produces a CD-ROM. He goes around to the various counties and finds out all the properties where the taxes have not been paid and he downloads them, puts them in a spreadsheet and puts them on a CD-ROM and then sells them. We have bought that list several times and sent out mailings and actually ended up buying a couple of properties from it. So it is well worth it to try that as well.

Number 4: Out of Town Owners. The tax department will list the owner’s mailing address and most is online now. If they live out of town, they may want to sell and invest more locally. It’s not a bad idea to at least try one or two mailings and see if you can find some people that are out of town owners that may want to sell. There are several services that can do things like this and I have included them in the Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine! home study course. You can actually do a look up of out of town owners and do a mailing label printout and put them right on your postcard.