North Carolina real estate can offer investors a great deal of possibilities, whether you are a young person beginning a career in real estate investment or have been in the real estate investment business for quite some time. The state of North Carolina has so much to offer in terms of history, culture, beautiful vistas, seashores and low priced real estate that you are in an excellent place to earn money from either wholesaling, flipping, or renting homes anywhere in North Carolina. North Carolina has some historic homes that date back hundreds of years as well as many very modern real estate selections to choose from.

Buying North Carolina real estate along the Outer Banks would be a great choice for a real estate investor who is interested in flipping houses or for short term vacation rentals. From north of Norfolk to Long Beach and south, you can find elegant or modest homes along the ocean side or just a very short walk from the beach. Many large employers are within easy driving distance of these beach homes or you could buy a vacation get away along the shoreline. The mild winters are perfect for retirees as well, making the entire shoreline area an excellent North Carolina real estate investment.

If direct ocean front or property very near the ocean isn’t for you but you still want to offer potential future clients an amazing view, there are lots of North Carolina real estate properties for sale along the bays and inlets. The waters here are much quieter and great for small boats, canoeing, kayaking and other water sports. Fishing is a common past time along these inlets and bays. People live a comfortable, slow and easy lifestyle. Edenton, River Bend, New Bern and other interesting towns are nestled along these shorelines. Wildlife abounds in the estuaries and easily attracts those outdoor lovers who want to purchase a vacation home near a river or bay, or who simply want to spend part of the summer vacationing there.

Do you have potential clients that are NASCAR racing fans? If so, Rockingham might be just the place for you to continue with real estate investment purchases. North Carolina real estate in the inland regions is even more affordable than along the waterfronts. Very nice homes can be found under $100,000 that are beautifully taken care of and would need little cosmetic repair to flip or begin renting out to vacation guests. These are spacious, roomy homes that have lawns, sidewalks and all the small-town feel for raising children yet provide you with a safe, low crime culture that has a real sense of community.

The Capitol city, Raleigh, is larger than many of the cities in North Carolina and offers a great deal more culture than some of the smaller, quieter towns. Employment is abundant in this city, yet property rates do not reflect the incomes. Prices are relatively low for homes that anyone would love. The government is one of the largest employers in the area, of course, but there are many other places to work. Raleigh carries a long history and there is much to learn about this unique and interesting city. This would be an excellent city to consider purchasing homes to flip or to wholesale for long-term sales since it is not a vacation destination or retirement area, but instead a bounding place of work and culture.

Some parts of the state of North Carolina are quite mountainous, although those who come here from the Rocky Mountains might try to call these “hills” instead of mountains. North Carolina real estate in these areas runs toward cabins that are well spaced from one another, either used as primary homes or as vacation getaways. Some of the cities in the mountains of North Carolina are large enough to provide varied and lucrative employment, so may be a good place to work towards flipping, renting or wholesaling homes. You can find lots of more modern styled homes along with log cabins and small ranches as well, but no matter what type of homes you are looking to invest in, there is something for each investor’s interests in the mountainous region of North Carolina.

As you can see, there is something in North Carolina real estate for just about everyone. Think of what someone else’s dream home in North Carolina might be and you’ll more than likely find this in North Carolina, as well as someone’s dream vacation destination. Because crime is relatively low and the population is not terribly dense as with some large cities, this is a great place to raise a family or for a laid back vacation. If you invest in real estate inland, it is easy to remind clients that vacation spots await only hours away at the seashore. If you plan to invest in beach living, remind clients that there are lots of interesting historic places to investigate and tour in the inland regions if they ever get bored of the beach.

Mild winters and pleasant but muggy summers are the trend in North Carolina. Real estate in the region reflects this climate. You’ll probably experience snow every winter, but not the massive quantities you may have had to deal with in northern cities. Of course, in the mountains, snow is more abundant. If North Carolina real estate investment sounds like an avenue you may want to pursue, begin your search at Investors Rehab where you can find affordable homes that are ready to be purchased, refurbished and turned into someone’s favorite vacation dream home.