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Category Archives: Student of the Month

Spotlight on Stephen Mayers

Spotlight on Stephen Mayers

Inner Circle Member

I just wanted to thank you so much for the excellent service you have provided in the short time I’ve been part of your inner circle. I’m amazed at how quickly you are able to respond given all the other stuff going on in your business. I’m also thrilled with the quality of your inputs. You have definitely made a “raving fan” out of me. Also, the signs I put up in response to the 3 day inner circle event at your office are working great. They’re giving me daily access to deals before other investors.

I look forward to providing you with a very useful testimonial about your inner circle program. You are one of the many blessings God has placed in my life that I do not deserve.

Stephen Mayers



Spotlight on Don and Kathy Womble

Spotlight on Don & Kathy Womble

Inner Circle Member


Kathy and I were so blessed by the 3 days of instruction and mentoring from your team and you.

Larry, you are the real deal! You and your organization represent the Savior that you love and serve in a wonderful fashion.

We are excited to go home and put into practice the practical instruction we received.

Thank you for doing what was promised and giving above what expected.

Please let Pam know that we appreciate her very much also. Being a pastor and a leader of others, I know how important the wife is to all that we do. Pam and you work as an awesome team.

I know you probably hear things like this all the time, but I wanted to tell you this myself.

You have given us the tools to move forward to begin a successful journey with real estate investing.

I will stay in touch, God bless you sir.

Don and Kathy Womble
(The Texas Pastor)



Spotlight on Betty Chaplin

Betty Chaplin

Spotlight on Betty Chaplin

Inner Circle Member

I have been investing in real estate part-time for nine years with a strong passion and love for it. It enables me to assist others in obtaining houses they can afford to purchase and rehab as a single family home or as an investment property. Since September of 2011, I’ve been an affiliate of the Larry Goins Group. In November of the same year, I became a member of the Inner Circle to enhance my real estate skills and to gain knowledge of the market trend to take my business to another level. I purchased the Filthy Riches Program prior to becoming a member of the Inner Circle and as a result, I closed my first property under the Filthy Riches Program on January 61h, 2012. I purchased the property for $11,000 and flipped it for $15,000 and closed with an investor January 20th, 2012. I also flipped another property using this very same program and had a buyer in place before the actual closing! It was purchased for $30,000 and flipped for $37,000 with the buyer in place before closing.

In conjunction with the Filthy Riches Program, I have the Ultimate Buying and Selling System that I am actively using. These two systems are allowing me to actively and effectively make offers and build my buyers list. LARRY GOINS’ SYSTEMS REALLY WORK!

Betty Chaplin



Spotlight on Dave Sakievich

Dave Sakievich

Spotlight on Dave Sakievich, Phoenix, AZ

Filthy Riches Student

I purchased Larry’s Filthy Riches program about 16 months ago. So far I have purchased 2 properties. One that I have sold as a wholesale deal for $2,000 assignment of contract to an investor that I met while at Larry’s 3-day boot camp, I purchased this 3 bedroom 1 bath house for $3,266. I partnered with another investor and I also helped do some remodeling on the place for which I was also paid for. We sold that one in a week after I started the remodel to a first time home buyer who also helped with the remodel. The other property I have, a 3 Br 2 Ba 1986 sq ft home, I currently have listed for sale as-is for $35,000 that I purchased for $5,400.

I had a slow start for two reasons, I had limited time and money to work with and because I was trying to apply Larry’s program in a market that it would not work in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Properties here, even though it is a ‘depressed market’ usually have multiple offers on them. Properties that are listed for $25,000 will often sell for $32,000 or more due to the bank asking those who submit offers to submit a ‘highest and best offer’. The Phoenix area, last year, had over 4,000 homes priced $40,000 or less, today there might be 400 in that same price range. Of the 10 worst his cities from the housing crunch; Phoenix is one of the few that is rebounding.

I got frustrated; I would make an offer on 12 – 14 houses at once and hear back on none of them. I initially sent the program back asking for my money back, Dean at Larry’s office called me and I agreed to keep the program and I started trying other areas that were less active.

I also went to Larry’s 3-day boot camp event with two goals in mind, learn new strategies and to network with other attendees to find some with money to invest that I could partner with. I ended up succeeding on both goals. If you have not been to one of Larry’s boot camps I would recommend that you do so as soon as you can. We have, here, 8 to 12 people who went that meet together monthly to talk about what each of us are doing and to help boost each other’s motivation. There is always help in numbers, don’t try to just do it alone.

So I guess that there is two primary lessons that I learned, besides the fact that you can buy a house for less than $5,000, and that is don’t try to go it alone, partner with someone, meet as group of ‘like minded people’ if you have questions, concerns, difficulties, call your rep at Larry’s office, if you don’t have one call the office and they will set you up with someone. The second thing I learned is that going to one of Larry’s events will get you in touch with others, those ‘like minded people’. If you are like 99% of us you are surrounded with nay sayers, people who are constantly telling you that something ‘can’t be done’ or that you are not good enough, ‘we’re poor but we’re proud’ all the people who are doomed to fail and they are bound and determined to take you down with them. Get away from them. I deliberately did not tell most of my friends or family what I was doing till I had actually done it. It is just a little difficult for them to say that you can’t buy a house that cheaply when you show them the executed contract and the closed and recorded Title documents and the check for when you got paid.

Good luck (not luck but rather wishing you success) in your Real Estate endeavors.

Dave Sakievich
Phoenix, AZ


Spotlight on Charles Johnson


Spotlight on Charles Johnson, Concord, NC

Ultimate Buying Machine Student

I am at a loss for words as I can’t believe that I got my first deal only after a couple of weeks purchasing Larry’s Ultimate Buying Machine. I listened to him speak about all the awesome things you could do with this system so I purchased the program and started with the least expensive marketing and look at what happened. When you talk about the real deal all I can say is look at the results that should let you know that this is for sure the real deal. I can’t wait to implement all the strategies that Larry recommends in this system. The Ultimate Buying Machine ROCKS!!

Thanks Larry
Charles Johnson

Concord NC


Spotlight on Jim Hill


Spotlight on Jim Hill, Winston-Salem, NC

Filthy Riches Student

Jim Hill


Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!

This is TWICE you have inspired me to get my “mojo” back! You may recall several years ago, I met you at our local REIA meeting, heard your Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine presentation, left the meeting, then came back and bought the course from you in the parking lot after turning around 5 miles down the road. That course got me back into making money again with single family houses.

This time, you did it with the Filthy Riches program. You and I were on similar wave lengths with this one. I knew when I attended your webinar (replay) that you had perfected the system I was toying with. I knew I had nothing to lose so I bought the course without hesitation.

In less than 30 days after buying your course, I was able to find a junker that nobody else wanted, reach an agreement with the seller, and close. You will love the purchase price: $1000. I learned of the deal in my REIA group. None of the rehabbers wanted it since it required so much work. (I didn’t want it either, but I knew somebody else would!)

It took me 3 weeks but I found my buyer and sold the property on a land contract as is, without doing any work on it, for $20,000 at 18% interest. The buyer was thrilled to be getting such a good deal. Needless to say, I was a little thrilled myself! My total investment in this house will be recouped every 3 ½ months!!

Thanks a million! (Literally!)

Jim Hill
Winston-Salem, NC


Spotlight on Michaela Bartakova


Spotlight on Michaela Bartakova, New York

Filthy Riches Student

Michaela Bartakova

If you are on the fence to purchase Larry Goin’s Filthy Riches Course, he is the real deal.

I have taken many real estate courses over the years, but never really closed a deal. I either didn’t have the money, the courage, or felt i didn’t have the full information to do so. I have purchased my first property after listening to Larry on a webinar, describing his Filthy Riches system.

I purchased the course, followed it step by step and few months later sold the property with owner financing. I will make over $45,000 in profit over the course of 15 years. That is a nice return on $9,800 investment I bought the property for.

I have bought it with my self-directed IRA, so the money is being deposited directly into my IRA account without me having to do anything. Did I mention I haven’t seen the property I bought, and I sold it long distance, exactly how Larry taught me? I live in NYC and the property is close to Pittsburgh. I felt totally confident following Larry’s material, plus I knew I can count on his support for a full year, free of charge…I love the information Larry puts out, and the fact that he is a person of high integrity, who is out there doing real deals, and genuinely caring for his students. It felt also good to sell the house for less monthly payment than is the going rent in the area, so it was win, win for everyone, the buyer was very happy. I have been little busy lately, but am looking forward to do more deals. Thank you Larry for taking the jitters out of my investing!

Michaela Bartakova,

New York


Spotlight on Wendy Sartain


Spotlight on Wendy Sartain, Roswell NM

Filthy Riches Student

I am so excited! I not only bought my first Filthy Riches house for a total of $6,000 but I sold it less than eight weeks later for $25,000. I was truly skeptical that this would work but with the Good Lord’s help it did.

It all started when I was out driving for dollars and came across this overgrown piece of property. I contacted the county and found out who owned the property and sent him a letter asking him to call me because I was interested in buying him home. To my surprise, I actually got a phone call about a week later. After speaking to the owner for a while, he told me the property had been vacant for 4 years since it was foreclosed by the bank. He also let me know the property was going to be sold at auction for back taxes. If I was willing to pay all the back taxes, he would sign the property over to me. I thought this would be the easiest deal ever made. Was I wrong!

While I was doing a title search of the property, I found that there was a lien on the house for $55,000. The bank refused to release the property until all the money was paid. Apparently in the state of New Mexico, you can buy a property at a tax sale auction, but you assume any liens associated with the property. Now my deal was not looking so good. I decided to try and negotiate with the bank. I got a contractor friend of mine to give me a bid on what the house would need to be livable again and sent the bank an offer letter to settle for a fraction of the price. For some reason Larry’s $5000 price point sounded good, so I offered them $4,800 as a starting point. To my surprise, they accepted within hours of my letter. My husband almost dropped to the floor when I told him they had already responded and accepted my offer.

Once I got the official acceptance offer, I went and paid the $1,200 in back taxes and headed for my local title company to start the paperwork. The only thing I actually did to the property was change the lock on the house, clean the yard and board up a few windows. Since it was getting close to Christmas and I would be leaving town for the holidays, I decided to list the house with a realtor. We listed it for $29,000 as is. A few days before Christmas I had a cash offer for $25,000. I jumped and said “Hell Ya” We closed on January 7 th . What a great way to start the New Year!

sartain 1

sartain 2

sartain 3

Spotlight on Dru Kuhlman


Spotlight on Dru Kuhlman of Henderson, NV

Filthy Riches Student

As you know, I bought a double wide mobile home in a park for $2200 and sold it for $11,900 . I received a $350 cash down payment and am carrying $350 monthly for 33 months (cash payments only).

I learned this strategy in Larry’s Filthy Riches course and applied it to my mobile home investing. Larry’s Filthy Riches program showed me how me to secure real estate (or in my case, personal property) with very little cash and in turn sell that property (as-is) for a huge return, while carrying the note for residual monthly income.

It’s a strategy I will continue to implement for the rest of my investing career because it’s simple and fast, plus in this current real estate market, affordable housing is desperately needed.

Dru Kuhlman
Managing Member
MASQ Marketing, LLC
Henderson NV