use a bird dog to find you dealsFor every business the hardest thing is how to get started. The fear stagnates or discourages many people before they ever reach their first business. In every encounter the first is always the hardest it might be curriculum, business or even at playing field. For real estate investors the hardest thing is how to start the real estate investment that will outreach to progress.

Real estate investors must first build a buyers list, for without buyers even the best deal offer will never be at its best deal if you don’t get paid. Now you will ask how to find a great real estate deals. Thousands of deals are just sprouting all over. It can be found on the net, classified ads, lead generators etc. But those deals aren’t overlook by others too so normally there are plenty of investors who is looking forward to the classifieds and other deals. Since there are great competitions also investors find it difficult to find the best deals.

The competition is great so we need something or we need someone to get the deal for us. Who are these persons they are the “bird dogs”. They are the scouts that sniff out deals for you. Their sole job is to locate deals and lay the groundwork for you as investors to move in and close the deal for you. The idea is to help you save time and it is almost a done deal when a bird dog works for it. When they (bird dogs) work for you basically you save more time and energies on more profitable activities. Bird dogs are both non realtor and a realtor. It’s better if you choose the realtor bird dogs. Since their sole job is to find the best deals for you. Most bird dogs knows what buyers are looking for they know what to do and what will it take to get it in resale condition. They also have access to motivated buyers and sellers and find them for you.

A good bird dog isn’t born: they’re made. So everyone is capable of being a bird dog as long as you are motivated and resourceful. Bird dogs are needed especially when you still work for other. The time and effort is needed if you plant to have a real estate investment business. So normally if you have a full time job to other less time you have for your marketing and prospecting efforts.

Bird dogs can be the path to your real estate investing goals. Don’t worry about the bird dogs fee because the deal is much important than there service fee for finding a good deals for you. And the good thing is: no close deals there’s no payment. It is still a win-win strategy for you. Remember this value and the wealth they will generate is far greater than they’re normal service fee.

Again is not all the time you will use the bird dogs. If you have the luxury of time then base on experience you can notice that you get familiarize with what the bird dogs does. With this you will learn some basic and even master their skills. Remember they are not born as bird dogs instead they’re made.