Change is inevitable.  That’s a very common phrase, and generally true.  I can’t think of a single area of my life that hasn’t experienced change in one form or another.  This change can occur over a period of years, creeping up on you, stalking you like some jungle cat.  Or a velociraptor.  But sometimes, change is dropped in your lap.  It’s sudden, unexpected, and must be dealt with immediately.  Either way, you’re gonna have to make hard decisions.

We’ve had some shakeups in the last few weeks.  Bringing on new talent, and ending relationships that were becoming toxic.  And you’ve probably experienced changes in the last few weeks too.  Maybe a new hairstyle.  Maybe a new car.  Maybe you just moved.  Maybe you just took a big leap into the unknown.  Guess what?  We’re here with you.

When change is presented to us, we can’t let the fear of the new and different make us hesitate.  We can’t have the mindset that change is bad.  I used to be in a band in the 80’s.  We were called Street Legal, and we rocked harder than Kip Winger in his heyday.  But there came a time when that band wasn’t gonna work anymore.  It was basically the second verse of that one Bryan Adam’s song that gets way too much airplay.

Change brought me into Real Estate.  I didn’t get into this business because it was natural to me.  I had to make a lot of changes very quickly to adapt to all of the new information I was learning.  Every day was change.  Every hour was change.  Change followed me like a shadow.  If I had succumbed to the fear of change, I wouldn’t be here.  I’d probably be working some job that I really wouldn’t like.  But I’m not.  I’m doing something that means more to me than anything.  Helping people.  Because of all the change I had to endure, I’m able to help guide others to fulfill their dreams.

Change isn’t to be feared.  It’s to be welcomed.  Embraced.  We should look for the opportunities that will inevitably come out of change.  Change can put you in a place where your goals are attainable.  So don’t let the fear of change hold you back.

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