Is seller financing dead because of Dodd Frank? Do you now have to be a licensed mortgage loan office to seller finance a property? Can you finance more than 3 properties as an investor? Many real estate investors think that the regulation called Dodd Frank which takes effect January 10th, 2014 will eliminate seller financing as we know it.

I have been researching this and found a very knowledgeable attorney named Clint Coons from Anderson Advisors that knows all of the rules and regulations of Dodd Frank and the Safe Act and how it relates to seller financing for investors.

I was able to get him on an interview to ask him some tough questions to find out exactly how the Dodd Frank Act will effect investors and seller financing.

Listen to this recording to find out how to stay in compliance and still be able to seller finance properties to owner occupants as well as investor buyers.

Of course this is not considered legal advice and please consult your own advisor before making any investments or seller financing a property.