How to Sell Your House Quickly

So, here you are with your Filthy Riches Program. You’ve looked for potential properties. You bought your ideal first $30,000 property for $5,000. You’ve marketed the property. Now it’s time to complete the sale… and watch your income start to build. But, how do you really work to sell your house quickly? Look at it from someone else’s shoes, this is an amazing deal for a lot of people. With the way rent has been Read More

How can Lawmakers Affect You and Your Property?

Legislators and lawmakers are in charge of creating specific laws to help govern citizens. Some of these laws are created because of a need; others are put into act as a reaction to a certain problem. I’m going to go over some of the current legislative movements, but as you are preparing to buy and sell properties, it’s important to keep abreast of any changing laws and legislative acts that might affect your investments. Don’t Read More

What Investors Need to Know About the Dodd Frank Act

  Is seller financing dead because of Dodd Frank? Do you now have to be a licensed mortgage loan office to seller finance a property? Can you finance more than 3 properties as an investor? Many real estate investors think that the regulation called Dodd Frank which takes effect January 10th, 2014 will eliminate seller financing as we know it. I have been researching this and found a very knowledgeable attorney named Clint Coons from Read More