Building Passive Income – The Buy Side

Randolph Cunningham joins Larry Goins to talk about locating properties that are good for building passive income from your real estate investments. Topics include what types of properties to look for, what sources you can use to buy the property, as well as how to structure the deal for passive income generation.

You’ll find out about buying with cash, using terms and a lot more information on building passive income by real estate investing.

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Building Passive Income – Marketing for Sales

Paul Olson joins Larry to talk about the sell side of building passive income. How do you identify your target buyer and then get them to seek you out and buy a home?

What terms should you use that will get your target buyer’s attention? And what are you looking for in terms of down payment and credit history?

We are looking for a deserving buyer, with a good sized down payment. But, how do you phrase your offer so you get the biggest down payment, and leave yourself less exposed on the deal?

Find out more by watching this video segment from the hit show Invest in Yourself.

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Building Passive Income – Hard Money and Private Money

Wendy Sweet joins Larry Goins to talk about hard money, private money and how you can use them to build passive income with your real estate investments.

Wendy explains what you need to look for in a property and in a borrower. Or better yet, how you can invest with a private money lender to earn passive income on other’s real estate deals, all while protecting your investment.

Find out more by watching this video segment from Invest in Yourself.

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Building Passive Income

This episode of Invest in Yourself is about Building Passive Income. We all want it, but how do you structure your real estate business to get it?

Larry, Paul and Randolph show you what you need to know about both buying and selling homes to build passive income. Wendy Sweet joins the show to talk about the impact of financing and Nathan Amaral joins Larry to talk about putting on the blinders to gain laser sharp focus in your business.

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Building Your Team

Real Estate is not a solo career. You need a team of people to work with:

  • To duplicate yourself and leverage your time
  • To gain additional knowledge surrounding your investments
  • To make your business more efficient

The most key person you need is a realtor, as they tend to be highly knowledgeable about the market and trends.   They also tend to know good contractors, real estate attorney and others you might want on your team.

Find out more about building your dream team in the video.

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Challenges Facing Investors – Money

Is money a new investor’s biggest challenge, or biggest fear?  Everywhere you go you hear that you don’t need a lot of cash or credit to invest in real estate.  But, how do you actually do it?

Larry and Randolph Cunningham go into detail on some of the methods investors can use to do real estate deals with little of their own cash.  Find out more about assignments, options, transactional funding and more in the video.

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Challenges Investors Face – Clarity

In this video, Larry and Randolph Cunningham talk about clarity and why you absolutely need it to be successful as a real estate investor.

In the digital age we get inundated with information and it is on us to separate the relevant from the irrelevant. The challenge is to find the relevant and to focus on it intently, while not wasting too much time on things that may be nice, but do not help us to earn money.

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Why You Might Want to Use Other's Money to Invest

In this video, Bill Fairman of Carolina Hard Money talks about why an investor might want to use financing for their deals, even if they have money of their own.

A big part of that is risk and the investor’s ability to shift some of it to a third party.  But, there are other reasons to use OPM (Other People’s Money) as well.  And Bill breaks it down for you and shows you the numbers on why using OPM can be a smart choice to grow your investment business.

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Challenges Investors Face – Time

Larry Goins and Randolph Cunningham from Investors Rehab talk about one of the biggest challenges investors face, and that is time. As you know, most of the time there just isn’t enough of it.  There are 86,400 seconds in a day and we all have to make the most of them.

When most investors start they already have a full time job, and they get started in real estate hoping to quit it.  But, without the right strategy, too many investors find themselves buried in two jobs, and they didn’t even want the first one!

So, what do you focus on to build your business and get out of your current j-o-b?


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Software for Systems

In this video, Larry and Paul Olson from Investors Rehab talk about systems and the software they use to implement them.  Whether it is for finding properties, analyzing properties, bidding, buying or selling, Paul has a system for it.  And those systems power the business, making us both more productive and efficient.

Paul uses a variety of software to “systemize” the business, and in this video he’ll give you the details on how he uses some of them.

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