Building Your Team

Real Estate is not a solo career. You need a team of people to work with: To duplicate yourself and leverage your time To gain additional knowledge surrounding your investments To make your business more efficient The most key person you need is a realtor, as they tend to be highly knowledgeable about the market […]

Challenges Investors Face – Clarity

In this video, Larry and Randolph Cunningham talk about clarity and why you absolutely need it to be successful as a real estate investor. In the digital age we get inundated with information and it is on us to separate the relevant from the irrelevant. The challenge is to find the relevant and to focus […]

Software for Systems

In this video, Larry and Paul Olson from Investors Rehab talk about systems and the software they use to implement them.  Whether it is for finding properties, analyzing properties, bidding, buying or selling, Paul has a system for it.  And those systems power the business, making us both more productive and efficient. Paul uses a […]