Seller Financing – Accountability

Melissa Floyd, one of Larry’s Senior Business Advisors, joins Invest in Yourself to talk about how she works with investors and keeps them on track. It all starts with a MAP, and assessing your current situation, strengths, weaknesses and goals. Melissa shares a story about an investor who only does deals by email, and details […]

Mistakes Investors Make – Rehabbing

Wendy Sweet joins Larry to talk about how she helps investors avoid mistakes. As a hard money lender, Wendy is responsible for inspecting a lot of rehab projects. And Wendy knows a lot about how to properly rehab a home for a quick sale. Wendy will tell you the top four mistakes investors make on […]

Mistakes Investors Make – Overcoming Obstacles

Dean West joins Larry on Invest in Yourself. Dean is Larry’s senior business advisor and has worked with thousands of investors. Dean shares some stories about investors he has worked with, the challenges they have faced and how they overcame them. He talks about how to find a good realtor and use your scripts. He […]

Mistakes Investors Make – Communications

Nathan Amaral joins Larry on Invest in Yourself to talk about mistakes investors make with their communications. Real estate is a people business, and how you speak to realtors, lenders and other business partners is a big deal. Find out why not to be a ball hog in your business and why you do need […]

Mistakes Investors Make – Technology

Paul Olson joins Larry as they talk about mistakes real estate investors make. Larry shares some of his horror stories and gives some tips on how you can avoid them. He even talks about the time he bought only half a house. Paul talks about the role of technology and the potential pitfalls to look […]