Challenges Investors Face – Time

Larry Goins and Randolph Cunningham from Investors Rehab talk about one of the biggest challenges investors face, and that is time. As you know, most of the time there just isn’t enough of it.  There are 86,400 seconds in a day and we all have to make the most of them. When most investors start they already have a full time job, and they get started in real estate hoping to quit it.  But, without Read More

My Recommended Real Estate Investment Methods

The following techniques described below are great real estate investment methods formulated by the most experienced of investors. A great way to make use of long-term real estate investments is to use the planning tool known as appreciation. The value of real estate is almost always on the rise and so there is always an expectation that there will be an appreciation soon. For example, if a property is valued at $100,000 today it will Read More

Investment plans

For almost any plan to succeed a proper strategy is needed which describes the whole procedure in detail. This applies to an investment plan as well and so for earning profits a great investment plan needs to be prepared. Its not just hard work that can help you, you also need to have practical tactics which can be employed for investing in real estate. The essence of an investment strategy lies in finding the right Read More