You’ve heard about Larry’s boot camps for real estate investors, you may have even attended one.  Now you can catch all of the video from Larry’s 2009 investor boot camp from Orlando, Florida.

In his boot camps, Larry teaches the exact same techniques he uses in his real estate investment business, where he buys and sells 10 to 20 houses a month without ever having to leave his office in Lake Wylie, SC.

Intro by Larry Goins

How Larry Goins developed his Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine system and strategies.  How Larry uses his ultimate property analyzer to analyze his deals in seconds.

Investor Session 1

67 ways to locate properties at deep discounts.  Every way to prospect for properties.  How to buy deep discounted properties on eBay.

Investor Session 2

Action Steps to take to get started in real estate investing.  Introduction to Larry’s team.  Why people fail in real estate.  The people you should associate with as a real estate investor.

Investor Session 3

Every way to market and prospect for properties continued.

Investor Session 4

Searching for properties and buyers on the internet.

Investor Session 5

Building your buyers list online. Using state wide classified ads to find deals and build buyers list. Using real estate social sites to find deals and buyers. Crowd funding sites for real estate investors. Real estate virtual assistant sites to use.

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