If you have a real estate investment business, you know keeping organized can be is headache and costing you deals. How do you keep track of buyers and there deal requirements. How do you keep track of your inventory and bids on that inventory? What if a employee quiets in the middle of project and takes all their buyer knowledge with them.

If you are like many investors you use spreadsheets, maybe quick books, and some type of note system. None of these tool were created to work together for real estate investors.

Welcome To Simple Podio:
This online customer relationship management software (CRM) was created just for real estate investors like you and I. Yes, I understand Podio is open source software, it still lacked the functionality I needed in my business. So, I hired a team of Podio developers who worked for a FULL week (Late nights) with me at my office to develop Simple Podio.

This software is like a business in box, for any real estate investor. It can literally run your business on autopilot. It so simple to use that a fifth grader could run it for you. It automates incoming phone inquires, follow up emails and text messaging, contract signing & tracking. You can access detailed information with just a click of button. It eliminates the fear of losing information and details that could cost you closing a deal. Grab your copy of Simple Podio today.

Just $797 today, then $197/mo!