Everything You Need To Know About Using National Seller Finance Servicer’s and Residential Mortgage Loan Originator(RMLO’s) To Simplify Seller Financing and Comply With Dodd Frank… Includes a directory of national servicer’s and RMLO’s

A complex legal act was passed into law on January 10th 2014, that changes how an private lender can setup seller financing for real estate. If you are considering setup seller financing to sell real estate you should consider reading this free report.

How to Comply with Dodd Frank

  • How to Comply with Dodd Frank
    For Your Real Estate Investments
  • How Dodd Frank affects real estate investors and their ability to use seller financing.
  • What do the “120 Day Rule” and the “Ability to Pay Rule” mean to me?
  • How you can avoid penalties, fully comply with Dodd Frank, and keep investing in real estate.

Free RMLO Report


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