How to get Free Real Estate Leads from Code Enforcement

Let’s talk about some more successful marketing strategies. Marketing is, as I mentioned in another article, basically anything that makes the phones ring. Here is a quick tip. If you have voicemail where callers responding to your marketing can leave a message, be sure to ask them to also leave their email address and to speak clearly. This way you can go ahead and put them in your database even if you can never get Read More

How to get All of Your Real Estate Marketing for Free

Here is how you can start any type of marketing campaign with absolutely no cash or credit. Yes, you can get all of your marketing for free. Although it will take a little effort on your part, once you set this up you will be able to simply run your campaigns 100% cost free. Here is how it works. Simply contact any business who would like to market in certain neighborhoods or to homeowners specifically Read More

Marketing versus Prospecting in Real Estate Investing

I’d rather have ten ways to get one lead than one way to get ten leads. That’s very important. If you’re only relying on one source, you’re not going to get many calls. We get 10-15 calls per day from different marketing efforts. In this snippet from the Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine, you’ll find different methods to locate deals and generate leads. When putting this course together I went through every course I own Read More

Real Estate World

The Way of the World

“The way of the world is meeting people through other people” – Robert Kerrigan You can’t do this business by yourself. I don’t care if you have a trunk full of cash and know where to get a good deal on thousands of houses. You have to buy those houses from someone, and you have to sell or rent those houses to someone. In between the buying and the selling you are going to need Read More

Marketing Your Real Estate Business with Flyers and Post Cards

One thing you should use to promote your business is flyers. One of the key things about flyers is you don’t want to waste any part of it. If you’re buying houses, put that on one side and if you are also renting or selling houses, you want to put that on the other side. Don’t waste any of the flyer. Where can you put flyers? Place them at laundry mats, convenience stores, anywhere you Read More

How to Start and Use a Database for Investing

The most important aspect of succeeding in your business and being able to sell your properties fast will be your database. This is because to be able to sell your properties fast you must have ready, able and willing buyers to sell to. I say it’s much easier to find a house for a buyer than it is to find a buyer for a house. Having said this, I want to share some methods of Read More

The Fortune is in The Follow Up

An Auto responder is just what it sounds like. Its software that automatically responds to e-mail that is sent to you or sent out when someone goes into your database. It can be set up as a single email response or multiple responses delivered at various intervals. The neat thing is it’s all automatic once you set it up. You can set up a response to an inquiry from your website or set up a Read More