Seller Financing a Property with a Mortgage

Bill Fairman from Carolina Hard Money talks with Larry about how you can do seller financing on a property that already has a mortgage. What do you need to look at to offer seller financing? Why does the borrower need the “ability to pay”? Does the borrower have the ability/funds to complete the closing? And most importantly, is the borrower willing to make the mortgage payment?   Why is the character of your buyer so Read More

Invest in Yourself – Seller Financing

This episode of Invest in Yourself is all about seller financing. Larry is predominantly using seller financing to sell properties in the current market, as right now it allows him to earn more money than wholesaling and allows him to be more competitive with with his offers. As the markets continue to “come back”, it is important to look into and implement strategies that will allow you to grow your business in current and future Read More