All About Title Searches

Conducting a title search prior to transfer of real estate property involves searching for every available record or document that relates to present and prior ownership of the property in question with the goal of clearly defining the current status of the property title. In layman’s terms, we want to be sure that the property being sold truly and completely belongs to the seller and that he or she has the legal right to transfer Read More

10 Questions To Ask A Remodeling Contractor

1. Are you licensed? Most states require contractors, even sub-contractors to be licensed. Make sure your contractor is properly licensed. Anyone can say they are licensed. Make the contractor prove it by either showing you the license or giving you a copy of it.  Remember to check the expiration date.  Being licensed is the law.  If a contractor cannot produce a valid license, DO NOT HIRE HIM! You can check the contractor’s current licensing status Read More

How to Set and Achieve Your Goals in Real Estate

Ask yourself two questions. Do you have a Will? And do you have written goals for the next one, three, five and ten years? If you answered yes to the first question but no to the second, you are planning more for your death than your life. I challenge you to start setting some goals but remember if a goal isn’t in writing, it’s simply a conversation. It must be in writing and it must Read More

Quality Versus Quantity in Real Estate Investing

I know a lot of people need to flip properties, whether it is wholesale or retail, to generate cash to pay off some bills and to have money to enjoy life, but as you get your cash flow needs taken care of and start to build your portfolio, I want you to remember that it is not the number of houses that is important; it is the amount of income from each property.  You want Read More

Investing In North Carolina

North Carolina real estate can offer investors a great deal of possibilities, whether you are a young person beginning a career in real estate investment or have been in the real estate investment business for quite some time. The state of North Carolina has so much to offer in terms of history, culture, beautiful vistas, seashores and low priced real estate that you are in an excellent place to earn money from either wholesaling, flipping, Read More