SWAT Rehab System by Pete Youngs

Thanks for listening! I’m confident you enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot.

If making and saving more on your rehabs is a priority for you, then Pete’s system is a must have. Pete’s comprehensive system is designed to level the playing field between you and the heavy hitting contractors in your area.

Be Your Own General Contractor!

The SWAT Rehab System has everything you need to be your own general contractor, including all the information you need to do beautiful rehabs affordably, allowing you to create larger margins for yourself come time to sell.  The 18 hours of hands on video training provided include:

  • Riches in Rehabbing REOs
  • Pete’s Tools & Training To Save Thousand$
  • EPA Based Mold Inspection Course for BIGGER Discounts
  • Lead Based Paint Course
  • RRP Rules & Regulations
  • Do It Yourself Secrets on Prepping House
  • Rehab 101 “LIVE Action” Renovation
  • Rehab 102 “LIVE Action” Renovation
  • Material & Labor Costs BEFORE Renovating
  • Luxury Granite Like Countertop for Pennies
  • 225 Forms to Protect You and Your Property
  • OFFER MAKING SOFTWARE Calculates Rehab Like A Contractor BID
  • PLUS 3 Full Days LIVE Training Boot Camp Videos
  • Hands On, How to Use Tools On The Job with Pete