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What’s included with Real Estate Jump Start

Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start

  • CD-Complete audio training from 3 day live event
  • Book-Complete slide presentation
  • Book-Website Directory
  • DVD 30 Minutes of Success
  • A personal message from Larry Goins
  • 2 Boot camp tickets
  • A 30 minute 1 on 1 strategy session with a consultant
  • Real estate action plan
  • CD-Filthy Riches intro
  • CD-Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine intro

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Free Digital Real Estate Course


This Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start special promo is only good in the Continental United States. No International Shipping. Please call us at (803) 831-2858 if you are interested in the course and are outside of the USA.

Real Estate Jump Start is a course for real estate investors. It teaches you how to invest in properties online, using techniques to buy and sell homes from your own home office. The Jump Start course is based on the best selling book Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading, which is available in book stores everywhere.

Larry Goins and his team of investors use this strategy to buy and sell 10 – 30 houses a month, without ever leaving their office in Lake Wylie, SC. This real estate course teaches you the same strategies that Investors Rehab uses to wholesale properties in ten different states, but the strategy is designed to work in any market, and Larry has students in every state in the USA, as well as over a dozen countries worldwide, utilizing his system.