What is Real Estate Day Trading?

Real Estate Day Trading is a strategy of buying and selling homes without leaving your home office. Larry Goins and his investment team utilize this strategy every day in their investment business. In fact, Larry wrote the book on it, it’s available in book stores everywhere.
Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading and its accompanying Jump Start course is an excellent way to get involved in real estate. Full time, part time or spare time, someone new to real estate can get moving in three to five hours a week. By simply following the system and utilizing its labor saving technologies, an investor can gain an edge on the competition.

What is Real Estate Jump Start?

Real Estate Jump Start is a real estate course for those new to real estate. It includes audio training, physical books with illustrated slides, a detailed action plan to start your business, a thirty minute consultation with an investment specialist and more. It is designed to get you up and running quickly and to set the foundation to bring your investing to the next level.

Who is Larry Goins?

Larry Goins is a real estate investor, author and speaker. Each year he personally mentors dozens of investors, while also traveling around the country and speaking to investment and real estate groups. His investment company, Investors Rehab, buys and sells between 10 – 20 houses a month.

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