This is a brand new job listing.

Please read the entire listing as we have multiple positions available.

We are looking for two highly motivated people with experience in sales, telemarketing or appointment setting, who are interested in real estate investing to join our winning team buying and selling houses.

We are property wholesalers. In fact we are one of the largest property wholesalers in the Carolinas.
We negotiate deep discounts on houses, then wholesale them (as is) to other fix and flip investors or cash buyers looking for a discount on a property. We buy them and sell them the same day. Its called Real Estate Day Trading!

In fact, the owner of our company, Larry Goins is a national trainer and author and wrote the book on it. Its called: Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading” and is in book stores everywhere. Look it up. He has also written several other real estate books as well.

We have been buying and selling houses in all of NC and SC for years right from our office in Lake Wylie, SC and have just started buying in Alabama, Georgia and Virginia and will soon be adding Tennessee and Kentucky too.


We spend thousands of dollars a month on marketing to generate motivated seller and buyer leads.
In fact right now we have over 500 buyer and seller leads that need to be worked.


Acquisition Manager Position: We need 2 people to work with our motivated seller leads. We will teach you how to analyze properties so you can work with our motivated seller leads to negotiate deep discounts to buy their property for cash. All incoming leads either fill out an online form or leave a voice mail that puts them into our system and creates a task for the Acquisition manager to call them and make an offer.

Asset Manager Position: We also need 2 people to sell our properties to buyers on our buyers list and new buyer leads as well. We already have a huge cash buyers list but we also market all of our properties to generate new buyers as well. Our properties practically sell themselves because of the deep discounts we sell them at. In fact it is not unusual to have multiple people wanting the same property.

Both positions will have regular training and you will have a manager to help you close deals. This is a great way to learn to invest in real estate while getting paid.

Many of our team members have learned to invest by starting with us. Some have stayed and some have gone out on their own and become successful investors.

We also have experienced investors on our team that were tired of doing it alone and wanted to be a part of a winning team and enjoy the day to day interaction with other team members. They still make great money because they make it up in volume by working with us.

We buy and sell all properties over the phone.
We never have to leave the office to look at properties or show houses. We have people that do that for us.

    Some of the qualities we are looking for:

  • Someone who has experience in sales, telemarketing or appointment setting!
  • Someone who has a successful track record and can back it up!
  • Someone who can break records and set the pace for others!
  • Someone who knows they are good and can prove it!
  • Someone who knows how to build rapport, qualify the buyer, build value, create desire, handle objections, close the sale and follow up!
  • Someone that can separate the suspects from the prospects.
  • Someone who knows the ABC’s of closing… Always Be Closing!
  • And someone who is passionate about real estate and/or learning how to invest in real estate!

This is an ideal position for a real estate agent, insurance agent, car salesperson, inside sales rep, telemarketer, appointment setter or loan officer.

We provide you with all of the tools and training necessary to become successful. Including but not limited to: Office, desk, phone, computer, CRM, website, money to fund deals, buyers list, fresh buyer leads, motivated seller leads, daily hands on training, contests, bonuses and more.

I dont really care what industry you have been in as long as you can close and do it honestly and ethically and build a relationship with the customer. We will train you how to become a successful Investor.

You will need to have a good work ethic and stay on the phone making calls buying or selling houses. (depending on the position you are in)

If you have a serious interest in Real Estate and are looking for a full time position with a successful investing company then you owe it to yourself to contact us. Serious inquiries only please.

This is a full time, commission only position for serious people who want to learn how to make money investing in real estate using our money and resources while working in our office 9-5.
Our office is in Lake Wylie, SC. (about 10 minutes south of Carowinds on Hwy 49).

Just how much money can you make?
You will earn 10% of the profit you bring into the company. This may not sound like a lot but we have made between $5,000 – $75,000 profit on deals. The average will be around $10,000 – $15,000 profit per closing.
We also spend thousands of dollars a month on marketing to make the phone ring so you will not run out of leads.
We also have bonuses, contests and other incentives to keep you motivated.
Your goal should be to have between 1-2 closings a week once you get settled in and learn the ropes.

It will take you between 30-60 days to have your first closing, although we have had some new team members that have had their first closing in as little as 3 weeks. But 3 weeks is not typical.

You will provide a winning attitude, burning desire to become a successful real estate investor and a strong work ethic and sales skills. We are only looking for people who are honest, ethical, dependable and money motivated! You must be able to work and play well with others.

If you are looking for a home with a family type atmosphere then you need to respond to this ad.
We work hard but we play hard too. We have regular company outings, cookouts, pot luck luncheons, contests and more.

Company MVP:
We all vote quarterly for a new company MVP person.
The winner gets a trophy, designated parking space, day off and $1,000.

Most of our employees are long term employees! Some have moved here from out of state to work with us because of the opportunity we provide.

We have a great culture, core values and a mission statement and you need to fit into our culture to be considered.

Here is our Mission Statement and Core Values…

To provide hope, encouragement
and opportunity to individuals
and their families, by providing
quality products, services,
properties and mentoring, based
on ethical, moral and biblical principles.


  1. We Put People and Principles Before Profits
  2. We Expect, Embrace and Adapt To Change
  3. We Are Adventurous, Creative, Open Minded and Have Fun
  4. We Take Ownership, Are Accountable and Challenge Ourselves
  5. We Are Good Stewards of The Company’s Money, Resources and Our Time
  6. We Nurture Each Customer In Every Interaction To Create A Lifetime Raving Fan
  7. We Keep A Sense of Urgency, Positive Attitude and Do Our Best
  8. We Are Committed To Personal Excellence and Self Improvement
  9. e Build Positive Team and Family Spirit
  10. We Are Humble and Do The Right Thing

I am only looking for someone with previous sales, telemarketing or appointment setting experience and a proven track record who wants to join a winning team with a great group of people! If this is you I look forward to hearing from you!

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you for an interview.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.