Here are some of the great real estate investing courses, books and services offered to you by The Goins Group and Investors Rehab. Products include some of Larry’s best selling books on Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Courses that have been used by thousands, and live coaching services in our office in Lake Wylie, South Carolina.

Real Estate Investing Books

Hud Homes Half Off

Larry’s latest book is a simple step by step guide on how to buy homes from HUD for a fraction of the listing price. Learn from Larry the exact steps he and his team use to purchase homes from HUD for less than half of the listing price.

In the book, you will learn why HUD is a preferred outlet for buying foreclosed homes and how Investors Rehab has purchased hundreds of homes from HUD for their wholesale inventory. The book includes over $500 in bonuses, including free tickets to see Larry Goins speak at one of his live events for real estate investors.

Real Estate Investing Courses

Filthy Riches Real Estate Course for Investors

Filthy Riches

What if we told you that you could buy a run down $5,000 house that no one else wants, and earn more money from it than the average investor makes on a $100,000 home? Welcome to Filthy Riches, a Real Estate course that shows you how to find opportunities other investors have missed and how to turn those opportunities into profits.

HUD Homes Jump Start Training Course

Hud Homes Jump Start

I have spent the last 10 months working on a complete HUD training program I call my HUD Homes Half Off Jump Start training course.

It gives you the specifics of exactly what I do in my own HUD business including tutorials, in the field training, forms and documents and samples of everything I use in my business.

It includes all of the tools, strategies and techniques that I use to buy and sell HUD houses in multiple states.

Inner Circle Real Estate Investor Mentoring Program

Larry’s Inner Circle

Simply the best real estate mentoring. Learn directly from Larry and his team of professional investors in Lake Wylie, SC. Larry is currently looking for a couple of highly motivated investors looking to grow their real estate business. Apply today to be considered, or give us a call at (803) 831-2858 to speak with one of our business advisors on how we can help you expand your real estate empire.