Many of our experienced investors are using their IRA or retirement account to buy real estate at deep discounts. Most people do not know that you can invest in real estate in your retirement account but you can. Astute investors have been doing it for years. It requires a special custodian that offers a self directed type of account. In fact you can own real estate in an IRA, SIMPLE, SEP, 401k and even an Education Savings Account (ESA) for your children.

Catching some fish with Carl Fischer

Below you will find the replay of a recent webinar I did with my good friend Carl Fischer who is the founder of Camaplan. Camaplan is who I use for my personal retirement accounts. They are a self directed custodian that enables you to invest in real estate using your retirement account. In this exclusive training video Carl explains in detail how to use your retirement plan to invest in real estate. You can flip houses, keep them as rentals, buy notes and mortgages and even use financing to purchase properties!

Watch the video below, then fill out the form to get a FREE consultation with Carl’s team to see exactly how investing in real estate using your retirement account can help you become financially independent. No one knows more about self directed retirement accounts than Carl! He is a personal friend and a great person.

Ready to get started now? If you are ready to open an account or roll over an existing account to Camaplan then simply click on the link below to be taken directly to Camaplan’s application page to get started now. I highly recommend it! This is the fastest way to get your account open and funded to start buying real estate right away!

Open a Retirement Account with Camaplan Now

If you are ready to get started now, click the link above.

For a FREE consultation with one of Carl’s team members to go over the benefits of a self directed retirement account and to see what is the best kind of account for you, simply fill out the form below and someone from Carl’s office will contact you.

Camaplan has made special arrangement with Larry Goins to provide Expedited Concierge Setup of your Real Estate IRA so you can get started buying property as quickly as possible.

Our commitment is to do whatever it takes to get your application processed and your account funded within a 3-5 business days.

This means you can put in offers and get deals closed FASTER, and that means you start earning tax-deferred or tax-free profits NOW.

The first step is to click here:
Open a Retirement Account with Camaplan Now