Hud Homes Half Off - Book for Real Estate Investors

This book is a simple step by step guide on how to buy homes from HUD for a fraction of the listing price.  Learn from Larry the exact steps he and his team use to purchase homes from HUD for less than half of the listing price.

In the book, you will learn why HUD is a preferred outlet for buying foreclosed homes and how Investors Rehab has purchased hundreds of homes from HUD for their wholesale inventory.

Hud Homes Half Off for Real Estate Investors
Learn how to invest with HUD by reading Larry’s latest book, HUD Homes Half Off

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why NOW is the perfect time to be buying HUD properties!
  • How to navigate and use HUD’s website to its fullest extent!
  • How to determine which properties are ripe for buying NOW!
  • How to easily buy a HUD home at 50, 40 even 30 percent of list price!
  • How to start full time, part time or spare time!
  • How to know exactly how much money you will earn before ever making your offer!
  • How to determine the real value of your HUD home before making your offer!
  • How to determine the exact amount of repairs before making your offer!
  • How to buy and sell HUD homes long distance!
  • Every way possible to fund your HUD property!
  • Every possible way to earn money with your HUD property!
  • And much more!

Take advantage of this opportunity to buy your HUD home NOW! Most of the investment houses we are buying right now are HUD homes!


(Physical book no longer available.)

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