Get Filthy Riches Funding

Our Filthy Riches funding is typically 7 days or less therefore you must have the following before applying:

  • You must have the property under contract in the name of an entity as we only make loans to entities not individuals.
  • You must have an RMLO lined up before you apply for funding.
  • You must have a servicer lined before you apply for funding.
  • You must already have a private non institutional note buyer lined before you apply for funding.

First Name

Last Name

Mobile Number

Primary Email

Subject Property Address




Explain The Deal Here

Purchase Price

Closing Date

Amount Of Repairs

List Of Repairs


Rent Comps

Loan Amount Requested

How Much Money Do You Have To Invest In The Deal

How Many Properties Have You Invested In

What Is Your Exit Strategy

Your entity name

Do you have certificate of authority in the state the property is located if not the state your entity was formed in?

Name of RMLO who will underwrite your buyer:

Name of servicer that will service your loan:

Do you have a private note buyer lined up that isn't an institutional note buyer?

How much do you anticipate selling the house for?

Who much do you anticipate getting as a down payment from your buyer?

Name and number of the Realtor that verbally told you what you could sell it for and what you could get as down payment:

Name and number of the property manager that verbally gave you the rent comps:

How much do you anticipate selling your note for once created?

What yield will you sell it for?

What percentage of value is the note sale price? (must be at or below 75% of value)

Do You Own The Filthy Riches Course

Explain Any Other Important Information Here